A Broken Family Tree

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The person behind the poem

We all have a story of tremendous value.   My story involves a family riddled with generational pain, tragedy and war. Each new generation is born into “A Broken Family Tree”. Thus inspiring the poem I wrote back in 2001 called
“A Broken Family Tree”
Lori A. McBride (Cain)

I am one of many
Small branches of a broken tree
Always looking to the ones above
For guidance, strength and security.
One little branch trying
To keep the others from breaking away
Who will fall?
And who will stay?
Now I stand alone
Looking at the earth through the rain
And I see the broken branches I knew
Scattered about me in pain.
There are those who have taken an axe
To the root of our very foundation
And who have passed this destruction
Down to every new generation.
If I could take that axe
I would toss it deep into the sea
Never to return again
To harm the generations that follow me.
I am one of many
But alone I will go
And plant the new seeds
Where a beautiful tree will grow.

As I have recently stumbled upon links where my poem has been shared I am finding more and more that I am not alone in this story. It seems we all share a place in the “Broken Family Tree. And we are all significant, vital branches. Each one making up their own unique story in The Masters Book. The great Author of time and His broken branches as they are being grafted in.


I have come to realize that issues of life that come out of  a broken family is no small problem. Rather it’s becoming more and more of the “Norm” each passing day where immunitiy has become nearly obsolete.  Suffering is world wide and the breaking down of the family unit, with its values, morals and truth has become a catastrophic anomaly that is rapidly leading society away from the divine purpose of family intended. For me personally, I have opinions and thoughts. Even my own experience in the destruction. I don’t know what will surface here or where I plan to go with this blog. What I do know is that it will be truthful and real. I am an open book, but that doesn’t mean the rest of my family, friends and people of my past are. Therefore I will be as open as I can without bringing someone else’s personal life into it.

And so, another story unfolds.
With much love,

One thought on “The person behind the poem

  1. Hi Lori:) my daughter and I love your poem. My daughter would like to recite it in front of her class but in order to do that, her teacher requires more info. on you, the author. If you can please respond so I can help her get what she needs. Thank you


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